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16 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: Anuj Kale, MonaLanguage: English

Leewardist's or Comics in Architecture

After three days long workshop in Auroville, Anuj Kale presents Leewardist’s or his story from practicing architecture to drawing comics on the theme of architecture. On question what has inspired him to pull away from designing to comics he pointed out that life (and some truths) can be easily “digested” served with humor , and preferably in picture, as are for example comics. Through them he depict many challenges architects face in daily life, some misconception people got about the profession itself, what does the client expect from you, and how that differs form the reality,… and many more.
Audience, quite in big number, were mostly internship students of architecture, and with presented examples of architectural comics they could related, and of course, laughed about it.
Participants of the workshop presented their work, each of them working on their personal story with the method of creating comics.