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21 Jan / 2015Program by:
Featured: SandrineLanguage: English

Lilaloka Resource Centre

Lilaloka, the self-learning and Resource Centre for the Child, is having a fundraising lunch January the 24th.
All proceeds will go towards the completion of the first building. The Lilaloka is located in the cultural zone of Auroville, next to Mahakali Park, opposite Last School.
Sandrine, one of the founder of the project, guided Roland in a tour of the Lilaloka discovering more about the team, the objectives, the activities of this new educational project. 
It has been the support of generous individuals that has brought Lilaloka building this far, and 8 more lacks are needed to complete the roof of this phase 1 building.
If you would like to visit the land and find out more about their work please email: