Photographer:AurovilleRadio team | from left: Jesse, Djana and Jonny Photographer:AurovilleRadio team | Singing the theme of the radio drama Photographer:AurovilleRadio team | From Left: Loretta and Ancolie

Live love drama

Live audio drama is a program produced by Auroville Radio station in ’07. The first drama happens in a cruise ship, the captain and DJ fight all the time but in fact they are in love. In other side of ship an Australian girl falls in love with a Spanish boy. She tries to know more about her future by going to a fortune-teller and at the end at the last night of their journey they all confess of being in love with one each other. A unique drama of 40 minutes accompanied by a music band. Various groups performed their respective dramas.

The second drama it’s in French and it make sense to listen to… Surprise.
The last drama is about Superman and his love. Evil captures Superman’s love, Superman goes to fight with him and after going through difficult situations he succeeds. Groups of actors and actresses from language backgrounds such as English and French participated and performed their Dramas. The concept of the dramas revolved around love, passion, romance and relationships between different people. The talented actors displayed their acting skills.