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29 Sep / 2015Program by:
Featured: DineshLanguage: English

Millidacious with Soul

After many months of preparations, rehearsals, mega production of musical Millidacious is on the stage. Simple story by Paul about and around the mouse Mili, a mouse with the soul who can see beyond borders and have a heart to oversee the differences, and always looks for the best in the one next to her; who after all contributes to solve the life threatening conditions, and reunite real love…
About hundred performing, many behind and around the stage, a musical kept the audience on seats anticipating the next moment, next song and dance.
Millidacious has proven again that our community is very creative, and leaves no one who would like to participate out. Actors are becoming better and better, regardless the age.
Songs home made inspire to dance and sing along.
Amazing, fun, soulful.

And the proverb If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together applies here as for the story as for the whole production of the musical.

Written by Paul.
Songs by Paul and Matt.
Musical arrangement by Matt.
Additional lyrics Clare, Mukta, Swaha.

Bast in order of appearance – Aloe, Dinesh, Ahilya, Mir, Krishna, Emanuele, Alyana, Anandamayi, Clare, Jana, Wazo, Kripa, Leela, Jesse, Tara, Pooja, Anadi, Sita, Otto, Hannah, Zohar, Sauman, Maheshan, Eden, Amara, Marissa, Noemie, Mira, Yam, Veronique.

Additional cast members – Avvalyar, Gregori, Gugielmo, India, Kalou, Sama, Elke, Elodie, Kaeridwyn, Kilan, Sarah, Suresh, Yogesh, Barath, Claire, Milo, Nadir, Pele, Sudarsana, Zara, Ishan, Mael, Soledad, Surya, Yael, Zoe, Asia, Madu, Thalia.

Youth Choir – Abitha, Auroshree, Cameron, Chandra, Daniel, Wurydice, Harsh, Hye Yoon, Janbchup, Manisa, Masha, Priyam Rathna.

Production director – Paul
Assistant Production Director – Mukta
Stage Director – Jesse
Choreography – Elodie
Costume design and stylist – Jyotis
Costume assistant – Gabi, Aurdha, Gabi
Set – Nele, Shona, Grazi, Sabrina, Nicole, Tashi, Renu, Wouter
Carpenters – Adhi, Prakash, Raji, Suresh, Ayenar
Scaffolding – Anad and Matrimadnir crew
Make up – Jo, Ange, Nicle, Karen
Musicians – Matt – piano, Txuma – bass, Matthia – drums, Andy – rhythm guitar, Edo – lead Guitar, Gregori – keyboards
Assistant musical director – Swaha
Singing direction – Nuria
Sound – Ruben, Antonio, Saga
Lighting design – Mahi
Lighting crew – Smiti, Shristi, Kumaran, Manjula, Ashwin, Jean
Follow spots – Nasim, Dinesh S
Prompting – Pala
Stund coordinator – Glenn, Hedia
Filming – Doris, Francis
Graphic Design – Sabrina
Illustrations – Shona
Catering – Auradha, Angela, Jessamijn
Funding – SAIIER and FWE
Recording – Auroville Radio

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