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25 Nov / 2015Program by:

Mime – The Essence of Acting

Miming For Masters, international Mime Festival has come to an (silent) end yesterday, and as Sri Niranjan Gosami has graced the last performance, he also graced our studio with his presence and generous interview – conversation with our mime artist Drupad.
An interesting conversation leads us from history of mime in India, and the world, and we find out that t Sri Niranjan Gowsami was the first student in late 70s who had received national scholarship in mime, at the time still in the field of theater.
Amongst other Sri Niranjani Goswami also clearly express that ” Mime is the essence of acting, without mime you cannot be a good actor:
In the conversation Niranjani Gowasmi and Drupad also touch the situation in Auroville from the perspective of studying and researching mime, as an silent art form along with other expressive art forms, and theater.
Niranjan Goswami Sri Niranjan Goswamiji taught Madhu the art of Mime in his Indian Mime Theatre in Kolkata. Goswamiji is one of the pioneers of mime in India who received the prestigious Padma Shri Award from the President of India. He has also received the Sangeet Natak Academy Award for Life Time Achievement in mime. This Artistee has organized National Mime Festivals all over India for several years now, encouraging the development of mime and mime Artistes in the country. He is a Visiting Professor in several acclaimed institution of drama, theater and art in India including the NSD. He is also the first Artiste in India to have written and performed full-fledged plays in the universal language of mime.
When you are almost alone with yourself, the soul transcends the bounds of language and the body takes over a thousand and one gestures that express a world of feeling which go unnoticed but are preserved in the eyes of the artist. The preservation, which started since childhood days, has reached its youth today and made one pantomimist: Niranjan Goswami. Niranjan Goswami is just not a name in today’s Pantomime world. Niranjan himself has become an institution today. His tireless exploration and experimentation on the art of pantomime has brought him closer to masses. Niranjan gave solo pantomime recitals throughout the nation, which brings him rapturous praise from the world people of all walks of life.