Photographer:Ghea | Aryadeep Photographer:Ghea | Aryadeep Photographer:Ghea | Greetings from Auroville - desing by Jasmine and Aravind Photographer:Ghea | Greetings from Auroville - desing by Jasmine and Aravind
13 Jan / 2016Program by:
Featured: AryadeepLanguage: English

More Awareness

In  our  interview with Aryadeep we walk through the history of Auroville lands; a story which is tightly connected to his own path.He quotes quotes The Mother, who has said; “if people won’t buy the land, lots of complexity will arise….land is important for unified harmonious existence….” Aryadeep is actively involved in the fund raising campaign for Acres For Auroville – A4A. Soon after joining Auroville he became aware that various plots, various pieces of land did not belong to Auroville. He has felt that if the integrity of the land which belongs to the city is eroded and full of gaps, the force of Auroville could be compromised, reduced. Because of this he decided that the land would be his area of work. For years, it was Aryadeep who kept the whole thing going through the quiet period when he had to stand at his post all alone. Through the interview we hear about the crucial and important moments in the past when things happened to protect Auroville land.



  • Mandakini LB

    Excellent – so much important background and so many inspiring perspectives!

  • Mira

    Very nice interview, gives useful information, balanced view and hope!