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Mother's Q & A – 12 Oct 55 Part 2

Mother’s Questions and Answers, October 12, 1955, Part 2

Mother says that the important thing at this time is the change of consciousness, and that this new change of consciousness is close. Other things that will have to change for the supramental consciousness to manifest in a body will take a much longer time. She says that we still participate very much in animality. Animality must disappear, and will be gone only when the form is completely transformed. This will come much later, at the time when the human consciousness is in the required state for a supramental consciousness to be able to enter the human consciousness and manifest. Several things which Mother says have to happen do happen to Mother as time goes on, and she speaks of these experiences to Satprem, who has published them in Mother’s Agenda. After the English translation of this class, we have some English translations from the Agenda. We do not have the original French recording this week.