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Mother's Q & A – 22/2/56

Mother’s Questions And Answers – February 22, 1956

Mother says that the greatest strength is a strong immobility – the immobility that comes with the presence of the Eternal spirit. When the spirit is conscious of immortality it becomes an immobility all made of strength. When we become conscious of the immortal spirit we can remain completely immobile in all the parts of our being and we are protected from anything harmful that might be in the atmosphere or any harm that anyone wants to do to us. She also speaks of undoing the knot that ties desire to action. When we do that we no longer receive the result of action. The impetus to act then comes from the will of the Divine and the consequences also go where the Divine directs them. When people pretend to be free from desire because they have undone the knot of the ego and they act from the ego, using powers from the vital planes to harm others, the consequences of their harmful acts will fall back on them.