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Mother's Questions And Answers, 20/2/57

Mother shows us why the formation of real individuality is important. It takes a long time and a lot of work for us to have thoughts and feelings, and even sensations, that are not the same as those of everybody else. Usually we are so unconscious that we believe we are the only one to have the general common thoughts and feelings which come to everyone from the universal mental and vital currents and vibrations. Mother says that we have to have a physical body in order to form an individuality, or we would be unrecognizable in the mass of general currents and vibrations. Everybody is always bathed in universal currents of thought. The formed individual mind comes from reflecting on all this, observing, and putting ideas together to form oneself as different from the common crowd.
It is all part of becoming a fully conscious being in the universal evolution, for once we have formed our individuality, we have to get out of it or break it and form it again and again, because the universe never stops evolving.
The original tape recording of Mother’s class in French will play after the English translation.