Photographer:maryliz | The ten Avatars of human evolution Photographer:maryliz | The entire 7 steps of the kolu with dolls Photographer:maryliz | The items on the floor show the progression of life from minerals Photographer:maryliz | The second step depicts the shakti of the Matrimandir and the goddesses of the four directions Photographer:maryliz | The third step has clay bricks representing the shakti of young girls Photographer:maryliz | the very top is the oldest clay god representing the five elements: earth, water, air, fire and ether
11 Oct / 2018Program by:

Navratri Doll Show and Celebrations at the Ilaignarkal Education Centre

In an interview on 11 October 2018, Anand and Radhika explained the Tamil philosophy about human evolution while showing me the Navratri kolu and dolls on display from 10 – 22 October.
This year the team at the Ilaignarkal Education Centre focused on “Shakti” for their theme. The different qualities of Shakti as told by Sri Aurobindo was considered in arranging the doll show.

They will welcome and share teachings with many children from the surrounding schools and prepare a special celebration on the evenings of the Saraswati Pooja, October 18, and for the last day known as Vijayadashami, when the children will be given small dolls.

They serve Navratri treats every evening and look forward to welcoming families from Auroville and the neighboring area.

The Navratri Doll Show runs from 10 – 22 October and is open from 10 am until 6:30 pm including all Sundays and Pooja Holidays.


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