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Photographer:Laura | Ribbon Cutting at New FoodLink Complex Photographer:Laura | FoodLink Center Photographer:Laura | FoodLink Center Photographer:Laura | Lakshmi Photographer:Laura | Jeff Photographer:Laura | Vivek Photographer:Laura | FoodLink Mandala

New FoodLink Opening Ceremonies

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March 22 was the day the new FoodLink complex held its formal opening ceremonies.
FoodLink is the marketing connection for Auroville’s 19 farms. Beginning with a blessing and song and ending with a walk through the FoodLink Farm, Auroville Radio is bringing it to you.
Interviewees are, Dorle, the architect; Lakshmi, who packages at the current facility; Jeff, a long time farmer; Adit, Raji and Gino, who were enjoying the procedings; Thomas who gives a historical background; Christian and Flore from Auro Orchard, and Vivek, doctor of organic farming who is insuring healthy and productive growings at FoodLink Farm.

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31 Mar / 2015

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Ribbon Cutting at New FoodLink Complex
FoodLink Center
FoodLink Center
FoodLink Mandala