Photographer:Monica | In tune with Organic Bahamas at the SAWCHU, Bharat Nivas
13 May / 2011Program by:

Organic Bahams Concert

Organic Bahams- gave their first ever concert on Thursday 12th at the SAWCHU, Bharat Nivas. Visitors impulses were rattled by the list of songs and overlapping genres of the diverse performance filled with talent and humor. Our dear friend Gino also used the opportunity to unveil his love for percussion. His rhythmic and restless hands ensured an upbeat flow of the evening. Enjoy the ranging aptitude of guitarist and singer Jasleen from New Delhi and Girish from Bangalore, percussionist and Aurovillian Gino and body percussionist Nachi from Tamil Nadu. From Punjabi, Hindi, French, English, Traditional and Pop, there is a little piece for everyone to love and cherish.