Photographer:Giorgio | Pavathry Baul dancing and singing Bengali songs Photographer:Giorgio | Enlighted Pavathry Baul Photographer:Giorgio | Pavathry Baul offering her voice and energy Photographer:Giorgio | Pavathry Baul talking to her public Photographer:Giorgio | Latif Bolat reading a poem Photographer:Giorgio | Latif Bolat playing one of his composition
30 Apr / 2011Program by:

Parvathy Baul and Latif Bolat on Stage

It felt like the spirit of the Divine had investigated the Sri Aurobindo’s Auditorium at Bharat Nivas while Latif Bolat and Parvathy Baul sang and read mystic poetry during their common concert on Saturday April 30th evening. The Sufi Scholar and Musician ended his stay at Auroville offering some talks on the history of the Sufism journey, reading contemporary poems and playing some of his compositions. To finish his play, Latif Bolat chose a song based on the “Hiroshima Poem” reminding that “mysticism is not a dry abstract something out here” but it has been involved in society, social justice and human goodness since always.

Pavathry Baul then took over the stage raising the attention with the sound of here Nupur on her feet and here inseparable instruments, a Guggi (Drum) and an Ektara. For five songs, Pavathry was altogether a beauty, a storm, a child or a tiger, with a voice coming from an other spiritual dimension. As the Bengali Artist said: “Mind is like a butterfly, it is always attracted by the fire” well, during this evening, as she was singing and dancing, Pavathry Baul was the butterfly and the fire of all minds in the Auditorium.