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17 Mar / 2016Program by:

Psychic Fire

An Offering for Auroville on it’s 48th Birthday

Taken from a recording of the dawn-fire at the amphitheatre on Auroville’s Birthday 2016, ‘Psychic Fire’ mines deeply the sound vibrations of the flame to release an inner complexity of harmony, dissonance, voices, shadows. The fire – which in its base perception is experienced as Fear – is transcribed into the meditative reality of divine anarchy, the primordial life-energy which is both the characteristic of Homo Sapiens (inquisitiveness/knowingness, burned on the Promethean fire of creative wisdom,) and of the evolution of consciousness, driving ever onwards towards states of greater cognitive complexity – towards the superhuman; the first rung on the ladder of conscious evolution.
This is not music, but I feel it is not abstraction either. Hovering between the half-light of conscious and unconscious reality, just as we so often hover between superhuman and ape mentalities, the audio field I have tried to produce is a psychic fire for the mind.

Daniel, on behalf of The Unstitute