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22 Jan / 2018Program by:

Rhythms of Korea

On Saturday the 20th of January 2018 at Cripa there was a very interactive performance by two artists from Korea, Jung Woon and Ga-Eun. They started with a traditional mask dance. Then they went into some games such as plate spinning, involving members of the audience, which was done with a great sense of fun.
The second half of the show was a spectacular Jjanggu (double headed drum) performance.
Lastly along with drums and gongs they sang a beautiful song called “Binari”, which blesses the percussion.
All in all another great night at Cripa with some powerful drumming, twisting and twirling dance and presented with great humor.

Rhythms of Korea was presented in Auroville on the 20th Jan 2018 by Jung Woon and Ga-Eun.