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Photographer:Jakub Zeman | Clothes drying Photographer:Jakub Zeman | Papaya trees Photographer:Jakub Zeman | Sleep after storm Photographer:Jakub Zeman | Hut destroyed Photographer:Jakub Zeman | Saving what can be saved Photographer:Jakub Zeman | Flood Photographer:Jakub Zeman | Sharing food

Sadhana forest after cyclone

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You can hear interviews and soundscapes from sadhana forest, recorded 2nd of january 2012, a couple of days after cyclone Thane hit the community. Aviram, founder of Sadhana forest, speaks about his experience and the consequences for his home. Also some of the volunteers active at Sadhana share their feelings about the storm passing by and what needs to be done now. Although the conditions are harsh, all the volunteers keep their spirits high. Sadhana forest, a forest in the making, will recover and keep on growing…

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Hats-off to your unity.

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02 Jan / 2012

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Clothes drying
Papaya trees
Sleep after storm
Hut destroyed
Saving what can be saved
Sharing food