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04 Jan / 2020Program by:
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"San Juan de la Cruz" Six Feet Palace live at Cripa

An astonishing concert took place at Cripa the 29th December 2019. Six Feet Palace played a narrative sound journey about San Juan de la Cruz, based on the words of Claudia Eisinger and the music by the talented Mark Pinhasov.

“When Claudia Eisinger, an awarded actress from Germany and Mark Pinhasov, a highly acclaimed record producer from Israel/Azerbaijan, met in December 2018 they understood very soon that they were on a similar mission: using the techniques they had mastered in their fields as tools to bring across spiritual content in a modern way, making it accessible for a wide audience.
They joined forces, and went off to create their one of a kind format – reframing ancient techniques, blending them with ambient sounds, contagious beats, spheric visuals and a hypnotic guiding voice.
Six Feet Palace creates electrifying, interactive experiences of transformative power and heart opening impact.” From

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