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06 May / 2018Program by:

Satsang with Prahladji Tipanya

Once again we had a chance to witness a Satsang with one of the greatest artist in today’s India – with Prahaldji Tipanya. Last night he not only share a satsang on Kabir mystic poet music and philosophy, but he also graced the occasion of inaugurating the Norht terrace of the Language Lab in Intrenational Zone.

Prahlad Singh Tipanya¬óone of the most compelling folk voices of Kabir in India today¬ócombines singing and explanation of Kabir bhajans in the folk style of the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh.Prahladji combines a powerful singing style with a magnetic ability to communicate with his audiences. His concerts are more than entertaining music. They are deep engagements with the spiritual and social thought of Kabir. In Malwa he is not only admired as a singer, but also revered as one who propagates, with great personal intensity and engagement, the messages of Kabir. His concerts stress the need to rise above petty divisiveness, sectarianism, empty ritualism and hypocrisy, and the need to adopt love as the ultimate religion.