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Savitri, B. I, C. IV, Part 3

The Immortal Sees Not As We Vainly See

Sri Aurobindo continues to teach us about the condition of humanity in general when there is no seeking after realisation. He shows us that we have to know our own Truth. In the first part of this Canto he wrote that until we do, “out of the unknown we move to the unknown”. In the second part of this Canto he wrote about the aspiration of our physical bodies to realise the Truth that they are Spirit in Matter, by writing about the toils of the Earth-Goddess down through Time. In this part of the Canto, Sri Aurobindo tells us that man has to unite Spirit and Matter in himself. Then he speaks about the Gods in the Overmental planes, the highest planes that were available for human realisation until the Supramental Consciousness began to manifest here. He says that even though men worship the Gods, it is not their destined work to help mankind.