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Savitri, B. II, C. IV, Part 2

King Aswapati is now in the lowest level of the Kingdoms of the Little Life, at the very beginning of Life’s entry into physical matter. He didn’t go back into the past to get here. He is conscious in his own body in the area of life’s most basic condition in himself. Life is now a half-conscious force, “tied to an instinct-driven ignorance to find itself and find its hold on things”. Life keeps trying to return to her original state of Bliss. In her efforts, she joined her hunger to the hunger of earth. “It has given the law of craving to our lives, it has made our spirit’s need a fathomless gulf.” The King begins to follow life’s slow climb in matter back to her original state of Bliss. He begins at the place where Life and Matter meet in his own being, while at the same time, he experiences the same thing on the universal level..