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Savitri, B. VI, C. I, Part 1

The Divine Messenger descends from Immortal worlds to earth.

Savitri has found her mate in the remote forest. The wedding of the Eternal Lord and Spouse took place again on earth in human forms. While Savitri was returning to her father’s palace to tell her parents, Narad, the messenger of the Gods was approaching the palace from above. The heavenly sage and singer from paradise crossed the boundary into the mortal’s plane, chanting his hymn of everlasting bliss and the Light that never wanes. Across an intangible border of soul-space he passed from Mind into material things and plunged into solid Matter’s dense communion. His chant became a hymn of Ignorance and Fate. When Savitri approaches her father’s throne, Narad is singing to Savitri’s parents about the lotus-heart of love which will bloom when the Eternal Spouse is seized by her Eternal Lord. Thus opens teachings on fate and free will and Divine will which will be explained later. Sri Aurobindo again writes about the creation of the universe, and he also gives us the ultimate fate of the anti-divine demons.