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Featured: SavitriLanguage: English

Savitri Book 7, Canto 2, Part 1

As Savitri sits awake at night, nursing her grief, unable to sleep, a great and deathless Voice situated above her head, commands, “Arise, O soul, and vanquish Time and Death.” But Savitri feels helpless and hopeless and her heart replies that its strength is given to Death. It is useless to do anything when God sits alone and leaves man’s strength impotent against God’s omnipotent Law and Inconscience and Death. It is best for her to follow Satyavan through death to heaven and forget man and world and God. The Voice asks her what will her soul say when it awakes and finds the task undone for which it came? Will the Voice have to report in shame to the Eternal that she has left her task undone? The Presence of Savitri’s soul within her rises and answers that it will do the work, and asks the Voice to command her. The Voice says, “Remember why thou cam’st, find out thy soul, recover thy hid self … In silence seek God’s meaning In Thy Depths, mortal nature change to the Divine.” Savitri begins to seek for her soul. A dream discloses to her the cosmic past.