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20 Sep / 2019Program by:
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SAVITRI workshops to find the soul

The Community Of Living Ethics in Umbria, Italy will give a workshop to find the soul on 18-20 October. Long-time Aurovilian, Loretta Shartsis will speak about the two journeys to the soul in Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem, Savitri. Sri Aurobindo wrote the story of his own yoga in the journey of King Aswapathy to the World-Soul at the center of creation. Years later he wrote about Mother’s experiences when he wrote about Savitri’s yoga to find her own soul. Participants in the workshop will take the double journey with King Aswapathy and Savitri. They will start from the outside of the body, the gross, unconscious physical, and travel all the way through increasingly subtle parts of the being to the most subtle, the conscious soul. There will be a recital of the works of Schubert and Mozart by concert pianist, Cyril Marie.
The Mother’s Circle, a Sri Aurobindo study group in Canada, will give a workshop/retreat to find the soul, on October 27-29. The participants will take the same double journey as they listen to Loretta’s talks. Both workshops will offer practice sessions and meditations as part of the total experience.