Photographer:Andrea | Aster Patel
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We feature excerpt of interview with Aster Patel on Matter Precipitates…Working Committee, Auroville Council, AV Foundation office, FAM would like to inform the community that all the fallen wood is a collective asset of Auroville. Any sale of wood privately is not permissible. Please do not barter or sell wood outside Auroville. they are working out modalities of collective sale and use of the wood. They request all groups, communities and individuals to respect this policy to avoid any legal complications.

From the point of view of a spiritual life, it is not what you do that matters most, but the way in which it is done and the consciousness you put into it. Remember always the Divine and all you do will be an expression of the Divine Presence.When all your actions are consecrated to the Divine, there will be no longer activities that are superior and activities that are inferior; all will have an equal importance – the value given them by consecration.
The Mother