Photographer:Leonard-Simeon | OTO3 Maarten Visser, Holger Jetter, Robbert Van Hulzen
12 Jan / 2011Program by:

Science for the ear

After successful concert at Pitanga musicians took some time to share with us some thoughts over their breakfast. Early morning didn’t break the light spirit of the night before, and Maarten told us that the name OTO comes from otology – science for the ear. Research in music expression leaded Maarten and Robert to India, where they’ve met Holger, and one lead to another until few weeks back they assembled the trio OTO3. To all three music is life, and because they’re sincere in their journeys they spend most of their time for it. As Maarten said, music has to be part of you, that can be expressed, and he is very honest in his compositions. For them he sets out some musical parameters, boundaries, works with few good ideas, and the rest is music.

Otology is a branch of biomedicine which studies normal and pathologicalanatomy and physiology of the ear (hearing and vestibularsensory systems and related structures and functions) as well as its diseases, diagnosis and treatment.