Photographer:Yahalom | Udavi school's chirldren singing: Hum bache hein dil ke bade sache hein Photographer:Yahalom | Shakti Photographer:Yahalom | From left: Hamsini & Amar singing Mon Emouvante Amour Photographer:Yahalom | Pricila, Galit & Aran performing The sparkle of love (Nizotz ha ahava) Photographer:Yahalom | From left: Manisa & Jasmine singing Hold my Hand Photographer:Yahalom | Jeremy and Amara Photographer:Yahalom | Yam
13 Oct / 2015Program by:
Featured: AuroviliansLanguage: English

Singing Festival 2015 (DAY 2)

The second day of the Auroville Singing Festival Day 2, attended by a packed audience, saw a slight mellowing down of the tone. The performances were divided into categories which began with traditional songs from different regions. Then came the ‘family’ category which saw some heart-warming connections on stage, and followed by performances from the youth of Auroville. The choir knitted the last knots of this colorful tapestry of music and we said goodbye to two days of swaying and clapping along.

Here you can listen to different members of the very large family of Auroville mingle on stage through music.

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