Photographer:Sandrine | Ahilya, Meera and Hannah, Deepanam school Photographer:Sandrine | Meera, Hannah, Ahilya, Deepanam school Photographer:Sandrine | Hannah and Meera singing, Deepanam school
24 Jan / 2014Program by:

Songbird Girls

Deepanam School. Ahilya, 14 years old, and Hannah and Meera, 13 years old, are three songbird girls in the forest of Auroville. They love to sing and to share their passion with you.
If you sing, it doesnt mean you have to be famous. If you are a singer you just sing, affirms Hannah. And what better singing school than your own bathroom, adds Ahilya, a self-confessed, self-taught shower singing professional.

Just open your heart again to the simple joy of singing whenever, whatever, wherever, as it will make your day better, all three girls agree.
Here, Meera, the interviewer, joins the other two in singing about youth and strength, love and feelings life. So, welcome to open your ears to the magical voices of the songbird girls!