Photographer:Wobbli | Prof. Sehdev Kumar 1 Photographer:Wobbli | prof. Sehdev Kumar 2 Photographer:Wobbli | prof. Sehdev Kumar 3 Photographer:Wobbli | The Kathak/Sufi dancer Deepti Gupta

Songs and visions of Kabir by prof. Sehdev Kumar

On February 8th we recorded and interviewed the professor Sehdev Kumar in Cripa who performed a reading of the poems of the 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint Kabir.
The Kathak/Sufi dancer Deepti Gupta also performed during the evening.

Dr. Sehdev Kumar is Professor Emeritus in Canada.
Historian of Science and of International Films, he is a bioethicist and the author of many books, including The Vision of Kabir. After 50 years in Canada, he has returned to India and has made Auroville, near Pondicherry, his new home. He is “Friend” of Auroville.