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21 Apr / 2018Program by:
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Spiritual Life and the Sexual Instinct

Second talk of Dr. Alok Pandeyt about Dealing with Psychological Challenges on the Spiritual Path – Sexuality at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, organized by Sante- Auroville Institute of Integral Health.
How can one deal with mental disorders on the spiritual path in the light of Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s teachings?After having overviewed the topic in its general aspects, let’s go a little deeper in some specific issues, such as sexuality.Sexuality is very much a part of present human nature and cannot jus tbe wished away. Sometimes, one can feel a lot of energy rising within the vital, whereas a few hours later, this energy has totally dropped. The mental may feel at peace while the vital is still flowing, thus messing up the connection between the 2 important actors of the spiritual path. At the same time, there is this demand of yoga to steadily and gradually overcome this impulse and eventually transform its energies into energies of progress. It is no doubt a daunting task and it is worthwhile discussing this topic from several angles. Since handled wrongly with an undertone of guilt
and coercion, it can become counterproductive.
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