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03 May / 2011Program by:
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Tonight the first batch of 26 children is leaving to Auroville Nature Camp – 2011 at Kavunji in Kodaikanal. Which will be between 4th to 12th of . They will leave tonight just after midnight from SAIIER Transport Campus by bus and they will return by bus on 12thMay at 7pm. Some Services and units are closed for a short or longer summer break, and they all advise you to check out the summer timings before you visit them. Tomorrow at 4,30 pm L’AVenir d’Auroville invites all interested at the gate of the Courage community to the 2nd Transit Lounge meeting,to walk to the actual site. Afterwards they will continue the meeting at the Solar kitchen terrace where the talk will be about the site, common infrastructure, number of people willing to commit and any other topics and questions and answers that come up.

The Truth is present upon earth and dwells wherever there is a receptivity or a consciousness ready to manifest it.Whoever is sincere in his resolution to serve the Truth will know, or rather [be] made to know, at each moment what he or she must do to serve the Truth for there are many ways of serving It.The Mother