Photographer:Andrea | Dr. Ajay Agarwal Photographer:Clara | Study Presentation on 18th at 4pm at MMC<br />
Photographer:Clara | Full Moon in Gemini on 17th
16 Dec / 2013Program by:

Sustainbaility Indicators, Art

Featuring an excerpt of an interview made by Andrea with Dr. Ajay Agarwal, who is inviting us all to a Study Presentation on ‘Auroville Sustainability Indicators’ on Wednesday, December 18th. Taking place at the MMC, Town Hall, at 4 pm, eight post graduate planning students from the School of Urban & Regional Planning, Queens University, Canada who, together with their Professor, opted to work on the theme. Tomorrow at 5 pm at Unity Pavilion, International Zone, we are invited to an opening ceremony by The United Russian Pavilion. They hosting a Nikolas & Svetoslav Roerichs exhibition – Painters of Kanchenjunga

Deep in our being inhabits the voiceless invisible Teacher… Sri Aurobindo ************************************************************************* Auroville Integral Sustainability Institute invited Dr. Ajay Agarwal and eight Master of Planning students from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario to help develop performance measures for sustainable development in Auroville.