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Sacred Message from Colombia

Last night at Bhumika Hall, Bharat Nivas was a special screening of short films: : “A Sacred Message from Colbian Indigenous Tribe””, presented by German Zuluaga from Colombia in Spanish with translation by Stella Rodriguez . Mr.German Zuluaga, visiting guest, has started a Multicultural Community in Sierra Nevada 5 years ago in an abandoned settlement. He started exchanging products and services with the Koggies from a village 5 km away. He wanted to help them to keep their Sacred way of living ,and unexpectedly he has found his own spiritual path.
After the presentation, and screening was a session of questions and answers.
Numerous audience was united in the thought, that that special tribe, which live exclusively spritual life, should be preserved, and kept in peace for the benefit of the future of whole planet.

AVFF17, Gm on IZ

In today’s news we are featuring short excerpt of interview with Marco and Tlaloc on upcoming AVFF17, which starts next Saturday 16th of December, as first in the series of event to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Auroville.


On Moday 11th of Decmeber at 4pm at Unity Pavilion a General Meeting of International Zone.

Today at 6 pm – Presentation on Global Permaculture and Ecovillage Projects in Pitchandikulam.

The Aruoville Theatre Group presents Shakepseare’s King Lear on 7th, 8th and 9th of Decmeber at 7pm at Adishakti Theatre on Edayanchavady Road

On Saturday 9th of December at 5pm at Cinema Paradiso MMC in Town Hall The French Pavilion presents Geo political view of Mediterranien by Nadir Benmatti .

On Saturday 9th of Decmeber at 5pm at Bhumika Hall, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India presentation on Sacred Community in Colombia by German Zuluaga.

The publication of the first issue of the relaunched Vaasal magazine.,and you can download the magazine here:

.. asking Him to pour His Grace upon you and to make you conscious of the Divine Light and Soul in you, to give you the supreme realisation of His Presence.
The Mother

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Somos Pacifico

Cumbia, musical diversity, as a result of clash of different cultures in the area of South America, starting in Colombia, and spreading fast to the whole area, along with islands of middle America or West Indies…..
ChocquibTown – Somos Pacifico
Bomba Estereo – Somos Dos
Celia Cruz – La Negra Tiene Tumbao
Calle 13 – Latinoamerica
Lagrimas Negras – Cuba Feliz
La Delio Vladez – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia
La Sonora Carruseles – Mosaico Cumbias
Los Warahuaco – El Pescador de Baru
Joaquin Bedoya Y Su Conjunto – Llegaron Las Putierrez
Salsa Celtica – Cumbia Celtica
Los Hijos del Sol – Carinito – The Roots of Chicha
Ondatropica- Cumbia Espacial
Bomba Estereo – Soy Yo
Los Angeles Azules – Cumbia Pa Gozar
ChocquibTown – Hasta Que Amanezca

German Talks on Koguis Indians

In the name of progress, civilization … lots of damage has been done on this planet.
German Zuluaga, a visitor from Colombia is on the quest to preserve millennium old civilization of indigenous people of Koguis Indians in Colobmia, in the area of La Sierra Nevada.
This morning we had an interesting bilingual conversation (Spanish and English) with German, Stella and Anandi on the topic of preservation of Koguis Indians, and what is actually important in one’s life. German outlined spiritual outlook of Koguis Indians system of philosophy, beliefs… He conveys his personal story on happenstance in life that had leaded him to that sacred tribe of indigenous people , and their exclusively spiritual life.

Ceremony of the Pachamama

11-12-13, December 11th, 2013: Ceremony of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) "The mother, who we are accustomed to evoking for her giving birth and taking care of life, also has a phase in which she receives, calls to herself, and waits". In the Andes, there is a ceremony of offering, or simply AYNI, or reciprocity, to Mother Earth, who gives us life. In that way, we also give strength to the Pacha Mama, so that she is able to go on generating life. During the ceremony, prayers are …

… made for the health of whoever asks for it. Often, prayers are made for the participants´ work, prosperity and protection. In the Andean cosmovision, everything that surrounds us is alive and we may frequently have a feeling of being off balance in our lives. One of the ways to harmonize and re-balance our lives, is through the Pacha Mama Ceremony. Taking place in the International Zone, between the Canadian Inusik and the U.S.A. Guest House, this ceremony was especially dedicated to kicking off the upcoming LATINOAMERIKA. After giving food to the Earth, all prayed to Mother for her help in creating a bridge of Love and Understanding among the two Indians … The West , America, and signed, the East, Auroville – the City of Human Unity, with Love. We also prayed for the Harmony of the three Americas now symbolically represented’ in this place; the North, the Central, and the South. Monique had burnt sage form Quebec (The North) in the way of the Natives, and passed it, using eagles’ feathers, to each person in the circle, for purification. Central America was represented by a beautiful esmalted lizard, well known in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. And representing The South, were coca toffees and seeds from Waiquru, a sacred tree in Peru. People brought flowers, candles, stones and food to offer to the Mother Earth and we thanked her for everything that she has given to us, We also prayed for everybody on the planet to have access to food and care in the future. Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Ecuador, Colombia, Surynam (ex Dutch Guyana), Brazil, Chile and Argentina were represented in the inner circle. With the presence of people from Canada and the U.S., hand in hand, we could feel America as One. The poem "America" was read in the four Languages of the continent: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, and all together concentrated on the common aim of harmony, love, food and care for everyone. Also individual wishes were expressed, the last one being "water for the International Zone". To this somebody added "for Auroville", and somebody else "for the World"… Thanks Krupa, the Mother heard you and delivered a good rain the following day. We thank Mother Earth and everybody that made the ceremony possible. It was a very deep feeling of Sisterhood and unity that embraced us all.

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