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AVFF17, Gm on IZ

In today’s news we are featuring short excerpt of interview with Marco and Tlaloc on upcoming AVFF17, which starts next Saturday 16th of December, as first in the series of event to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Auroville.


On Moday 11th of Decmeber at 4pm at Unity Pavilion a General Meeting of International Zone.

Today at 6 pm – Presentation on Global Permaculture and Ecovillage Projects in Pitchandikulam.

The Aruoville Theatre Group presents Shakepseare’s King Lear on 7th, 8th and 9th of Decmeber at 7pm at Adishakti Theatre on Edayanchavady Road

On Saturday 9th of December at 5pm at Cinema Paradiso MMC in Town Hall The French Pavilion presents Geo political view of Mediterranien by Nadir Benmatti .

On Saturday 9th of Decmeber at 5pm at Bhumika Hall, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India presentation on Sacred Community in Colombia by German Zuluaga.

The publication of the first issue of the relaunched Vaasal magazine.,and you can download the magazine here:

.. asking Him to pour His Grace upon you and to make you conscious of the Divine Light and Soul in you, to give you the supreme realisation of His Presence.
The Mother

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King Lear, Knowing Each Other

In today’s news we are featuring two excerpts of interviews:
Jill invites us to William Shakespeare’s King Lear on 7th, 8th and 9th of December at 7pm at Adishakti Theatre on Edayanchavady Road.

Yesterday at Adventure ground at Bridging the Gaps Ira and D talked with Bhavya on the purpose of the event.

CAT : Progressive Integral Economy – An Economy with Engagement Steps for All the Cats invite you to an offering in French (Tuesday 5th December) and an offering in English (Tuesday 12th December) by Yves and the Lotus group at the Unity Pavilion from 4.15 pm to 6.30pm.

On Saturday 9th of December at 5pm at Cinema Paradiso MMC in Town Hall The French Pavilion presents Geo political view of Mediterranien by Nadir Benmatti .

Aha! Kindergarten would like to invite you to our Annual Open House Saturday, 9th December from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm at Center Field corner.

The Newsletter 6 from Annapurna Farm Support Group. If you would like to receive the Annapurna e-newsletter regularly, please send them your email address:

Classical Guitar, SAVI putluck

The informational General Meeting on guidelines, rules and regulations for Auroville Learning Activities (Alas) will be held in the Unity Pavilion on Saturday, 29th April, from 10am to 12pm.

Tuday, 27th at 7.30pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture KinGi invites us to a Poem Flow , an inner climate vocally performed.

On Saturday , 29th of April at 8pm at Pitanga An Evening of Classical guitar with Ashaman and special guest Vera.

On Firday 28th at 7.45pm at Bhavishyate, Bharat Nivas We are kindly invited to a special film projection” VELI” in the presence of Sashikanth, the Director.

Friday 28thApril – 6.30 pm to 9 pm behind Unity Pavilion SAVI team invites to *FOOD FUN FRIENDS* – volunteers putluck.

Saturday 29th April 2017 at 5 pm Cinema ParadisoThe French Pavilion presents “The nest of the wind: dystopian research” An exploration on living, utopia and dystopia. Conference Presented by Julie Beauté, student in eco-philosophy in Paris; only in French.

We are invited on Saurtrday 29th to Well Cafe at Sve Dame to a Reggae Night with dinner, movie screening of “Marley” 2012 and with DJ playing till midnight.

Issue 7 of  “The Squeak” , a magazine by the Media and Communications students of The Learning Community (TLC) kids aged 10-14, is out.

The integral Yoga is so called because it aims at a harmonised totality of spiritual realisation and experience. Its aim is integral experience of the Divine Reality, what the Gita describes in the words samagram mam, “the whole Me” of the Divine Being. Its method is an integral opening of the whole consciousness, mind, heart, life, will, body to that Reality, to the Divine Existence, Consciousness, Beatitude, to its being and its integral transformation of the whole nature.

Princesse Polignac

My Life in Revolution with the Princess Constance de Polignac.
The life of the Princess Constance de Polignac is the exceptional journey of a Woman’s Life, crossed since early childhood by extraordinary trials and experiences, which led her from the sophisticated spheres of a princely aristocracy linked to the history of France … to deserts and Virgin forests of the First Peoples who initiated it, and immediately recognized as master and healer.
This unique experience, integrated in consciousness in each of the cells of her woman’s body, places at the heart of her life path the status of the Feminine and her recognition by the Masculine, “a crucial stake in the construction of a completely new world”.
Presented by the French Pavilion.

Thought for Goodby, Peace

In today;s news we are featuring some thoughts of Governing Board members while saying goodbye to the community past Thursday, 8th of September…..

The Auroville Council is presenting the draft document of the “Appeal Process} against working groups’ decisions” elaborated by its sub group.

A {Message from Thiru Mohan Verghese Chunkath, IAS (Retd.),Secretary of the Auroville Foundation

RAS invites us on Tuesday 13th at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion to a General Meeting on Residents’ Assembly Decision Making System (RAD) to hear and discuss a:Proposed New Decision-making System for Auroville

Saturday 17th September at 5pm at MMC THE FRENCH PAVILION
presents Toward an alternative complementary economy for Auroville and its surroundings”A Conference in French byYves Laborde (

The ideal attitude of the sadhaka towards Time is to have an endless patience as if he had all eternity for his fulfillment and yet to develop the energy that shall realise now and with an ever-increasing mastery and pressure of rapiidity till it reaches the miraculous instantaneoussness of the supreme divine Transformation
Sri Aurobidno. The Stnthesis of Yoga

Egypt, Om Namo Bhagavate

Saturday, 7th of May at 5pm at Cinema Paradiso The French Pavilion Presents “Engineer in the land of the Pharaohs” A Talk (in French only) by Pierre Veillat

On Sunday, 8th of May at 6pm at Amphitheater of Matrimandir Mother’s mantra “Om Namo Bhagavaté”with Joy and Jivatman (guitar) to guide the chanting.


You were created to perceive the beauty of creation and to live your life in love.
Don Miguel Ruiz
“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to
– Jiminy Cricket

In 2016, the forecast calls for the greatest number of Eta Aquarid meteors to light up the predawn darkness on May 5 and 6. It should be a good year for this shower, with the May 6 new moon guaranteeing deliciously dark skies for the 2016 Eta Aquarids. This shower favors the Southern Hemisphere, ranking as one of the finest showers of the year. At mid-northern latitudes, these meteors don’t fall so abundantly, though mid-northern meteor watchers will catch some, too, and might be lucky enough to catch an earthgrazer – a bright, long-lasting meteor that travels horizontally across the sky – before dawn. The Eta Aquarids are mainly a predawn shower. Follow the links below to learn more about the Eta Aquarid meteor shower.

Public Buildings, Merry Xmas

In today’s news we’re featuring Paulette who is currently working on exhibition to be put up in Town Hall on architecture in Ottawa with its public buildings. On 29th December at 5.30 pm at the Town Hall Conference Room Accessible Auroville will present a 30-minute video “Sometimes I can fly”, about Alex’s one-day Auroville adventure. the same day at 5pm at MultiMedia Center in Town Hall the French Pavilion and CIRHU presents Pioneers of humanity: from dream to technology , talk by Jean Franois Noubel (founder of CIRI)

Thou art consciousness and light, Thou art peace in the depth of all things, the divine love that transfigures, the knowledge that triumphs over darkness.The Mother
Prayers and Meditations
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History of ancient manuscripts

On Thursday 23rd at 5 pm in Cinema Paradiso – Town Hall, Anais Woin in collaboration with French Pavilion and CIRHU presented “History of ancient manuscripts”. Anais is an historian, researcher at CRNS (Centre National Recerche Scientifique), specialist of the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia during medieval and modern periods. She works with manuscript texts, most of them being consulted in the churches and monasteries of the Ethiopian highlands. Those manuscripts are still part of a living culture and much related to oral traditions.

From this field work as well as from her researches in libraries and archives, she possesses a deep knowledge of manuscript culture. The conference she held in Auroville was about manuscripts and more over about the men (and sometimes women) who were preparing, writing, painting and reading them. Looking at some concrete cases, we will also reflect on our contemporary relationship with texts and images. ITALIAN VERSION – Storia dei manoscritti antichi – Mercoledi 23, alle ore 17 al Cinema Paradiso nella Town Hall, Anais Woin, in collaborazione con il Padiglione Francese e il CIRHU, ha presentato “Storia dei manoscritti antichi”. La Woin, storica e ricercatrice al CNRS (Centro Nazionale della Ricerca Scientifica francese) ha spiegato lo sviluppo degli alfabeti dell’area mesopotamica e medio-orientale, illustrando l’evoluzione segnica, dalla scrittura cuneiforme ai pittogrammi dell’aramaico antico, sui vari supporti impiegati nel tempo, come tavolette d’argilla, rotoli di papiro (la cui lettura necessitava di un lavoro fisico che comprendeva l’uso di entrambe le mani e un particolare metodo di respirazione), codici e libri prodotti con la carta. Ci ha introdotto alla cultura calligrafica ancora viva dell’Etiopia, partendo dalla produzione della pergamena ricavata dalla lavorazione della pelle di capra e dalla realizzazione del resistente inchiostro vegetale con ricetta segreta, fino alla successiva rilegatura e consegna del libro ai copisti scrivani. Molti dei testi manoscritti utilizzati dalla Woin per questa ricerca sono stati consultati direttamente nelle chiese e nei monasteri degli altopiani etiopi ed e’ risultato che solo i religiosi e i letterati sono in grado di leggerli. (Centre national de la recherche scientifique). (Centre d’tudes des mondes africains). (Centre for International Research in Human Unity).

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Sweet Mother

At Savitri Bhavan is open the exhibition THE TEACHINGS OF FLOWERS – THE LIFE AND WORK OF THE MOTHER OF THE SRI AUROBINDO ASHRAM. In today’s news we feature interview with Shraddhavan at the occasion of the Mother’s Birthday. Tonight On the eve of the Tibetan Dragon year 2139 at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone at 6.45 they prepared a meditation for peace starting with the gathering of Tibetan Chanting by the visiting Students from Tibetan Childrens Village School from Dharamsala followed by a meditation.

Surrrender: the decision to hand over the responsibility of your life to the Divine. This is done either trough the mind or the emotion or the life-impulse or trough all of them together. The Words of The Mother, Vol. 14
“You can easily make a speech using flowers. For instance, I have noticed that this can effectively replace the ambiguous phraseology of the ancient initiations, or the old Vedic images, which no longer hold meaning for us. Flower language is much better because it contains the Force and is extremely plastic since it is not formulated in words, each one is free to arrange and receive it according to his own capacity. You can make long speeches using flowers.”
The Mother

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International Zone at AVI

Amongst many presentations on the agenda of Auroville International Meeting in Auroville 2012 was also International Zone. Core of coordinating group of International Zone are B, Linda Grace, Jyoti, Rakhal and Vani. Pavilion groups shortly presented activities and the course of action they’re taking. With the inauguration of Multipurpose Hall at Unity Pavilion on 29th of February some new liasons of AVI will be created but most of the groups are still in the area of cultural and educational exchanges, events, performances…

we would like to apologize since the recording is not completed due to the technical problems

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