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Pongal Events,

Within 50th Anniversary between Jan 11th – 13th , Mohanam village campus (opposite Imagination community) Kolam Sacred Mandala Workshop and Festival As part of the Pongal festival, learn to make Mandalas with the neighboring villages.

Friday 12th January at 3pm in Progress community. The YouthLink Team invite us to a presentation on our Comm4unity course.

On Friday 12th of Janaury at 8pm at CRIPA in Kalbhumi Nuria and the Jazz Quartet.

On Friday 12th at 5pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture – “Hidden Harmony Stronger than Obvious” Aurelio & Colleagues will share an interactive exploration in Harmonic Science, including basics of Overtone Singing.

On Saturday, 13th of January at 7.30pm at Unity Pavilion we are invited to Songs Through Time – Singing for the Land with Carla and PaulaThis is a fund-raising event in connection with the Art for Land exhibition All your donations go towards purchase of land for completing the Masterplan of Auroville.

The meeting of man and God must always mean a penetration and entry of the Divine into the human and a self immergence of man in the Divinity.
But that immergence is not in the nature of an annihilation. Extinction is not the fulfilment of all this search and passion, suffering and rapture. The game would never have been begun if that were to be its ending.

Sri Aurobindo , Thoughts and Glimpses.

Kino Cell, Panchayat SLI, Music

Today at 5pm at SLI in Kottakari village Sustainable Livelihood Insitute invites us for a talk on Panchayat elections in India.

Tonight at 7.30pm at Visitor Centre we can listen to Nature Music Culture – Vayali Bamboo Orchestra from Kerala with Svaram Music Ensemble. They will have another show on Friday at 7.30pm at Udayam near Adishkati.

On Friday 30th of Septmeber at 8pm at CRIPA we are invited to LIVE MUSIC , concert of Catlonian, Spanish, French and English songs by Nuria- vocal, Matt – piano sax, Holger – bass viola, Shanks – guitar b vocals, Sreenath – drums

Saturday 1st of October at Pitanga at 6.30pm “In C and Beyond…” Concert of students from Australia’s Queensland Conservatorium of Music,
currently visiting Auroville with their Professor Kim Cunio and Charulatha Mani

On Saturday, October 1st, 10 am – 12 pm at Cinema Paradiso. Starting an AurovilleKINO CELL Kino is a global film movement designed to foster creativity amongst film lovers, amateur and professional filmmakers alike

Welcome Talk, Live Music

On Wednesday, 28th September, from 3 to 5 pm at SAIIER conference hall WELCOME TALK for those who are interested in starting the Auroville Newcomer process as well as the Aurovilians who contemplate the idea of becoming a Mentor.

Saturday 1st of October at Pitanga at 6.30pm “In C and Beyond…” Concert
Come and hear students from Australia’s Queensland Conservatorium of Music,
currently visiting Auroville with their Professor Kim Cunio and Charulatha Mani, Chennai’s highly acclaimed Carnatic singer


Thursday 29th September at 3:30 pm at Citadine Art GalleryCirhuaurovilian Conversations – with “Aurelio on “Svaram Sound Exploration

Friday 30th of Spetember at 8pm at CRIPA in Kalabhumi – LIVE MUSIC with Nuria, Matt, Holger, Shanks and Sreenath.

Reject the false notion that the divine Power will do and is bound to do everything for you at your demand and even though you do not satisfy the conditions laid down by the Supreme.
Sri Aurobindlo

Baul Tradition – Enhearthening

An interesting interview, actually a musical interview with Sudipto Shekhar Mridha, a Baul singer. Through Baul tradition Sudip share insights on life. As Kabir and other tradition also Baul does recognizes oneness of all, and songs with simple lyrics always reflect the present moment yet conveying higher truths.
Sundip will hold a workshop today at 5pm at Svaram – Music called Life.


HAMSA – A New Year Invocation

January 1st, at the Matrimandir Amphitheatre for sunrise, sound frequencies were moving in and around us, a really magical and inspired way to welcome the new year.
A moment of grace offered by Nadaprem on Viola and Aurelio, Martha, Marina and friends of Svaram on bells plates and tarang.
Hamsa – the “Bird of the Soul” – Symbol of the Being, “he who evolves upward”. A contemplative music meditation.
Please enjoy this excerpt of the concert, for the full program, drop by Auroville Radio.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Jan 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Auroville Radio Team wish to all our listeners, friends, family members ….aurovilians, guest, volunteers, newcomers….. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016

The universe is a finite whole, but its content is infinite; the changes which occur in this infinity result from the action of Essence on substance, from the penetration, the permeation of quantity by quality, which brings about a constant and progressive organisation and reorganisation of the content of the universe.
The Mother
24 March 1932

Comments: 0 Date: 31 Dec 2015

Collaboration of Residents

Tonight at SVARAM at 7.30pm is the Last Full moon Concert of Yemadas and Svaram Team. “Much Ado about Nothing” a performance by Last School StudentsFriday, April 26th and Saturday, April 27th at 7pm at Last School Amphitheater
On Saturday at 7pm at Pitanga original songs by Jivatman with guitar accompaniment. On Wednesday 1st of May at SAWCHU important community meeting following the General Meeting of March 20 concerning the WC impasse. All Aurovilians are invited to come together to create and define an open, co-operative space,

One goes much faster when he is not in a hurry. To really move forward, one should feel, with complete confidence, that eternity lies before him.The Words of The Mother, Vol.14

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Apr 2013

Bla Bla – Svaram

The Bla Bla Christmas Fare was a very special occasion for the workers of the Svaram music shop.

Svaram co-workers have been receiving training in playing music, and music theory ever since the beginning of the project from a succession of teachers, local and international. Many performances have been given in Auroville, India and even a few abroad.

The group’s performance at the Fare, accompanied by a flute player, was a success, with catchy drum rhythms and the crowd dancing in front of the stage.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Dec 2012

UPS to Blame, Badminton

in today’s news we feature an excerpt of interview with Jan from Svaram talking on his reasons for hunger strike since last Friday incidents. One would expect that power cuts translate into lower electricity consumption bills but this not always the case. The culprit is the backup inverter with battery storage. About 30- 45% of energy that passes through an inverter system is lost. Tamil Heritage Centre Team invites us to celebrate Dasara Festival of Evolution at ILAIGNARKAL EDUCATION CENTRE every day 4pm to 6.30pm from tomorrow until 24th.

Does the Divine exist in all things, even in the dustbin? The whole universe is the manifestation of the Divine, but a manifestation which begins with a total unconsciousness of its origin and rises little by little towards this consciousness.The Words of The Mother, Vol. 15

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Oct 2012

Connecting Girls, Rock Love

Yemadas, as we enjoyed it for the last three months, will have two “last ” concerts – tonight at 6pm at Svaram, and tomorrow at 8pm at Windarra Farm the concert around the sacred fire, and we spoke with Tiago about it. Fif shares with us invitation to tomorrow’s Connecting Girls celebrations at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone at 5pm at the occasion of International Women’s Day, and Anna brought some excitement and Rock Love to our studio with announcement to her concert on Saturday 10th at 8pm at Visitor Centre.

The method of gathering of the mind is not an easy one. It is better to watch and separate oneself from the thoughts till one becomes aware of a quiet space within into which they come from outside. Sri Aurobindo

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Mar 2012