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18 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: Xin TongLanguage: French

Talk by Xin Tong on the Shang-Zangu Eco-village at Humascape Hall

On October 17 2018, Xin Tong presents a well structured and strongly informative talk on the Shang-Zangu Ecovillage which is situated in the beautiful valley of Hang-Jo in a north eastern province of China. The talk was conducted at the YouthLink’s Prosperity Hall, Humascapes Campus. Xin Tong in her talk focused on the developments at the Ecovillage and she also interacted with the attendees on the difficulties they face at the Ecovillage mostly because of the non cooperation from the side of the government.
Xin Tong with her sharp points describes the daily lives of the villagers and activities at the village which gives a clear view of the whole scenario at Shang-Zangu. Through the talk Xin Tong gives a touch of inspiration into building a new sustainable culture.