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16 Sep / 2015Program by:
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The Auroville Water Challenge Pt1

It is a huge challenge to provide usable water for the world’s population. The United Nations warns that water use worldwide is growing at twice the rate of population growth. Unless this trend is reversed, two-thirds of the global population will face water “stress” by 2025. And India is one of the countries that will be most critically affected.

In fact, our bioregion is already severely water-stressed, and Auroville itself has seen its first aquifer almost exhausted and falling water levels and increasing mineralisation in some of the other aquifers, in spite of the important work done by Aurovilians in afforestation and in controlling run-off.

What is Auroville doing to respond to this challenge? What are the essential elements of a successful water management plan that will enable us to achieve self-sufficiency in our water supply?

The Joy of Learning initiative is planning two sessions to increase the community’s level of ‘water literacy’ and its understanding of this topic.

Our presenters are:

Tom – ‘Why should you care?’

Giulio – ‘Where is our ground water? A geological overview’

Deoyani – ‘Protecting and managing our soil for water conservation’

This session on ‘The Water Challenge’ was recorded on Monday, 31st August, at 4.30 in the SAIIER Conference Hall.


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