Photographer:Cassandra | Suryamayi opening the afternoon session about Unending Education Photographer:Cassandra | Gitanjali inspiring us with her personal story of unending education Photographer:Cassandra | Larry presenting his research into Integral Yoga at Work Photographer:Cassandra | Bem sharing her students stories of transformational learning in Auroville Photographer:Cassandra | Sonam inspiring us with his initiatives in alternative education Photographer:Cassandra | Tea Break Photographer:Cassandra | The panel discussion on the topic of unending education, facilitated by Lucas

“The Bridge’’ Day 4 afternoon: “Unending Education’’ presentations & panel

Unending Education: Development in all ?elds and inner and outer dimensions of life.

“Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages’’ Auroville Charter

Join us for an inspiring afternoon session on the topic of Unending Education during The Bridge. In this recording, listen to an inspiring personal story of pursuit of integral life-long learning by Gitanjali. Larry gives an introduction to Sri Aurobindo’s vision of integral development for our visiting researchers and presents a qualitative study on the application of Integral Yoga in different ?elds of work in Auroville. Hear about innovations in higher education by Bem, who developed and shares with us the integrated learning approach of a new Creative Intelligence study program. Bem also brought students of that program to Auroville and touched us with their stories of transformational learning in the laboratory. Finally Sonam showed us that idealistic alternative approaches to education can deliver what students need and also be recognized around the world – a message of encouragement for the experimenters in the ?eld of education in Auroville. The panel reflected on different learning-approaches as well as the potential for higher education and research in Auroville.

Presentations by visiting researchers:
– Gitanjali J B: Being the Da Vinci One is Meant to Be
– Larry Seidlitz: Integral Yoga at Work
– Bem Le Hunte: Creative Intelligence: Transforming Education and Transforming Self
– Sonam Wangchuck: The Next Learning Revolution

Panel discussion on Unending Education with:
Aneeta Pathak, Bem Le Hunte, Gitanjali J B, Jean-Yves Lung, Larry Seidlitz, Sanjeev Rangananthan, Sonam Wangchuck, Facilitated by Lucas Dengel

00:00:00 – Gitanjali’s talk on unending education
00:23:17 – Introduction to Larry’s talk
00:24:00 – Larry’s talk on Integral Yoga at work
00:59:00 – Introduction to Bem’s talk
01:00:25 – Bem talks about Creative Intelligence
01:36:00 – Introduction to Sonam’s talk
01:37:15 – Sonam’s talk on the alternative education
02:07:18 – Introduction of the panel
02:08:35 – Panel

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1) {Gitanjali’s presentation on unending education pdf
2) {Larry’s presentation on Integral Yoga at work pdf
3) {Bem’s presentation on Creative Intelligence pdf
4) {Sonam’s presentation on Himalayan Institute of Alternatives pdf