Photographer:web | Bird and flower together
05 Apr / 2019Program by:
Featured: BettyLanguage: English

The Colibri Project No.2: would the flowers remedy save Germany's wounds ?

Betty is a healing practitioner in different countries, mostly in Germany and India. Here, in Auroville, she is working with Dr Vandana on flower remedies, through Mother’s indications and path. After the Mother told her to heal her home land through these flowers, Betty came back and conducted workshops in Sri Aurobindo Society in Berlin. She is telling us the beginning of her journey.

Musics (extracts) :
Inspired by her work and Mothers words “be like a flower” Betty songwriter friend, Rita, had written the song “Like a Flower” which is playing at the beginning of the episode.
Amy Winehouse – Help Yourself
The Landing (from First Man) by Justin Hurwitz
Wim Mertens – Iris