Photographer:Nola | Kirti Chandak Photographer:Nola | inauguration of exhibition Photographer:Nola | Van Gogh work  is one of Kirti's inspiration Photographer:Nola | promenade at Pondicherry beach Photographer:Nola | admiring art work Photographer:Nola | Kirti in conversation with  audience
08 Dec / 2018Program by:
Featured: Kirti ChandakLanguage: English

The Creative Process, exhibition by Kirti Chandak at Centre d’Art

Kirti ChandakĀ  put on display her art work for 12 days at Centr d’Art at Citadines.
Colorful paintings, depicting daily life in Pondicherry, transcending into spiritual dimension of it, and art installations are result of Krithi’s exploration.
Apart from her art work, and teaching at Sri Aurobindo Ashram she founded Tasmai Art Centre, which aims to be a platform for artist of the space and area to create creative processes and present their work. Artist give workshops to bring art closer to also those who are not artist by profession but would like to explore the process of creating art.