Photographer:Giorgio | Noe and Angeli Photographer:Giorgio | Noam Photographer:Giorgio | Vittoria and Saga in the background Photographer:Giorgio | Arthur Photographer:Giorgio | Yunsung Photographer:Giorgio | Noe, Isha and Arthur
28 Aug / 2011Program by:

The Farewell to Noam

New Kalabhumi, not by the spirit but by the new bright colors on the sits, lights, stage, and roof over snack area. And Sunday night 28th of August was a special night for the Brand New Band, since that was the night to say goodby to Noam, who left Auroville. A musically inspired band of young teenagers was great on expressing themselves trough instruments, but for vocals it was obvious that time for rehearsal was too short. It didn’t take long for enthusiastic public to rock on evergreen rock close to the stage area.

Voices: Angeli, Victoria, Stav and Noe, on saxophone Noam, on drums: Saga, Arthur; , on flute: Yunsung; on clarinet: Manu; guitar by Saga, Noe, Arthur; on bass Isa ; Sound: RV Lights: Mahi , Recording by Auroville Radio