Photographer:Giorgio & Emma | Herve giving a tour of the facility Photographer:Giorgio & Emma | Joshua at the Gate of Auroville Papers Photographer:Giorgio & Emma | Creating the shape of the paper Photographer:Giorgio & Emma | Removing the leaves after flattening the dried paper Photographer:Giorgio & Emma | Hanging paper up to dry Photographer:Giorgio & Emma | Local Tamil workers constructing date books Photographer:Giorgio & Emma | A store room, where paper is flattened after drying
10 Feb / 2011Program by:

The People and Paper

An interview with Joshua of Auroville Papers. We talked about his history with the company and within Auroville, and also explored the many aspects of work in the factory. Auroville Papers is close to Aspiration Community in Kuillapalayam. A beautiful Banyan tree is on the left as you enter, and you feel like you’re entering a sanctuary not any sort of factory. Their handmade paper is made only from vegetal fibres. It is free from toxic substances, its manufacture does not require the felling of trees, and no endangered vegetal species are used for its production.