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15 Nov / 2018Program by:
Featured: Malavika PCLanguage: English

The Ringatorus and Altrove – Providence of Malavika PC and Alessandro

After last night two exceptional and unconventional performances at Adishakti Theatre we talked with both artist MalavikaPC and Alessandro Schiattarella.
Two very unique pieces, at first glance so different, yet so similar, addressing Time, and its limitation or non limitations.
Alessandro created his solo piece out of necessity to confront with his own disability, stricken by Hirayama, a rare disease which affect mostly hands and their ability of movement. Through this story he is breaking stereotypes, needs to understand and know more about what this condition means to him, whit it he is opening the door on disability, discovering the world of inclusion.

Alessandro came to India on the invitation of   ProHelvetia mainly because of the  Symposium in Delhi, “the Body and the Performative” , through which a mixed group of artists and scholars will discuss questions such as: How do we imagine the dancing body? What is the dancing body inspired by? Does it invite the audience into the spectacle of its degeneration?
Where does the body begin and end? …Therefore in order to bring a different approach of the discussion’s theme , they thought of Alessandro’s  work and contacted him .

Malavika PC’s The Ringatorus looks at the moving images, and is a three-part piece set in long-form drawings and static images. She is a visual artist from Pondicherry exploring the topic of moving imagery through time.