Photographer:Sajju | Traditional Rwandan dance Photographer:Sajju | Traditional Rwandan dance by girls Photographer:Sajju | Choir of Rwandan students Photographer:Sajju | Innocent on piano Photographer:Miriam | song Photographer:Miriam | notes Photographer:Giorgio, Miriam, Sajju | Official greetings and thanks
27 Nov / 2010Program by:

Together as one

It’s maybe true that nobody doesn’t really know how to define unity, but in Auroville we do practice it. One way to understand each other comes trough the performing arts as well, and on Saturday we had a chance to see a tiny piece of Africa. Students of Annamali University in Chidambaram, all originated from Rwanda shared with us a small part of their rich culture. They started with dance, and the evening finished with some gospel songs, accompanied by Innocent on piano.