Photographer:Andrea | Dancing Photographer:Andrea | The young audience Photographer:Andrea | Singing accompanied by drum and flute Photographer:Andrea | Dancing Photographer:Andrea | Drumming
23 Dec / 2010Program by:

Udavi School program

On sunny afternoon at Udavi School, just before Christmas, students gave a cultural program to their parents, friends, and teachers. Two plays, directed by Partha, one in Tamil, and the other in English entertained the audience by the humor, so as soon they started laughter was echoing at the school compound. Flute recital of few children, students of Dorothee, proved that Udavi School, as outreach school of Auroville, is not only well maintained but also got some talented children. Girls expressed their talent in Odissi, and Bharat Natyam dance in beautiful outfits. Late afternoon event brought smile, and excitements to the face of all.