Photographer:Nathalie N | Upcyclling Exhibition- Udavi School Photographer:Nathalie N | Admiring the artwork Photographer:Nathalie N | CD fishes Photographer:Nathalie N | Tetrapack and papier mache chair Photographer:Nathalie N | Painting with Magazines Photographer:Nathalie N | Looking up and looking forward! Photographer:Orly | Paintbrush Artwork
09 Mar / 2016Program by:
Featured: Ok, Marc, OrlyLanguage: English

Upcycling; Marc, Orly and Ok

The upcycling studio located in the Udavi campus recently inaugurated an exhibition of its recycled work. Auroville Radio speaks with Marc, Ok and Orly who are passionate about reducing and reusing waste open our eyes and minds to help us tackle this pressing issue. Visitors and students enjoyed the products and ideas exhibited and were impressed by its overall message. For more information you can visit the upcycling studio Auroville Facebook page