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Warring Self – Performance in Progress

On Sunday night at Tai Chi Hall we had a chance to see an interesting performance with title Warring Self – Performance in Progress by actors, and students of Pondicherry Universtiy. They were touching a painful parts of social life in modern India, which is fragmented by casts, states, languages, colors, religions, clothes, gender … The play was about telling stories ours, yours, theirs – multiple, fragmented, fluid ….. and painful to the border of mental sanity. Being one of minority, which each of us can experience just stepping out of “our circle” of society, bring with it social degradation, humility, misjudgment, cruel treatment of those who are either in role of establish institutions, or from those who believe that they are better or higher then us. Stories which cloud be told from all corners of the world, not only India.

Story tellers were Savita, Deepa, Ranthinavel and Chenthuran, with Thiru documenting the performance.