Photographer:Frida | Old lady crying because she lost everything. Photographer:Frida | Venkatesh (with his family) is one of the Auroville workers affected by the flood Photographer:Frida | In Edayanchavadi, some people had to live into water more than knee-high. Photographer:Frida | This house in Bommapalayam was damaged by the flood. Photographer:Frida | Angry with the careless government Photographer:Frida | People have no proper place to stay Photographer:Frida | Kuilapalayam people living with the fear of parasites.

Water is gone, problems rise

After the flood, damages and health problems in the villages come to light
The program is in English and Tamil.
Crossing a village like Bommapalayam near the beach, everything seems well. The main street, which has been flooded two weeks ago, is dry, woman are sitting in front of their houses sieving grain.
But when we ask them how they are, lots of them get angry: They have been all flood victims, but none of them got any help. Water stood into their houses and damaged walls, ground water got polluted by entering flood water. In Edayanchavadi, we met families whose members are completely infected by a skin illness, having perforated feet.
It is always the poorest, low caste, the woman and children who are suffering most, like the little son of Venkatesh, who works in Auroville Town Hall. And sometimes, they need only small amounts. In Kuilappalayam,In front of New Creation, the property of one family is still flooded completely. It attracts invasions of mosquitoes, and lately, they had a group of water snakes in front of their door.
Auroville has set up a help fund for affected villagers which coordinates material and financial support. Donations are very welcome.

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How to donate:

Financial Service Account No. 251220
For transfers from Indian bank.
Auroville Maintenance
Account number – 163101000118
ICICI bank Auroville
Ifscode – ICIC0001631
Description – Flood relief
For transfers from abroad
State bank of India Auroville township.
Purpose: Flood relief
Branch Code – 03160
Swift Code – SBININBB474
Account – Aurovill unity fund
Account Number 10237876508