Photographer: | Handling rubbish - Pic. Giorgio
29 Jan / 2010Program by:

We can Make a Change

The 29^th of January was indeed a different Friday for Auroville. It started early in the morning with meditation, and after school the children and many adult Aurovilians collected litter along the roads… which all lead to Certitude where’ the main action took place throughout the day. In a conversation with Chandra, Ribhu and Mira who were three of the many active facilitators for this day’s events, some interesting facts were uncovered: the target is to create a team for a platform to create a change. It is ongoing, ideas and work, to reduce waste. Each of us can participate: the way we choose to acquire our food, and how we handle our waste, becoming aware that we can’t just ‘throw it away’ as there is no ‘away.’ .