Photographer:Giorgio | Parvathy Baul
02 May / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Yahalom, Sufi Music and the Radio

Today’s news offers an excerpt from an interview with Yahalom of AurovilleRadio talking a bit about his perception of Auroville and the relevance of the radio. Also hear a small excerpt of Sufi music from a recent concert of Latif Boulat and Parvathy Baul. Plus an opportunity for an important work in Auroville: collaborators sought to develop new ways to design buildings and open spaces in Auroville. Both the entire interview with Yahalom and the concert can be heard later this week.

Each and every word and action carries in itself its fruit and its consequences. According to the nature of the action or word, it brings one nearer to the Divine or, away from the Divine, and that is the supreme consequence. Mere.