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28 Jul / 2014Program by:

Yatra Art Joy, Lecture on SA

Today at 7.30pm we are invited to a Singing & Dancing Circle around the fire in Yatra with Joyful songs from all over the world – On Keyboard and drums Antje, Diana, Osiva, Rani and friend. They will celebrate also tomorrow with short movies from 6pm onward. Working Committee informs us that On Saturday the 2nd of August 2014 at 5.30 pm In the Ashram Theatre we are cordially invited To a lecture by Dr.Karan Singh on THE LAST MESSAGE OF SRI AUROBINDO. Transportation is arranged – two buses will leave Solar Kitchen at 4.30 pm on Saturday.

The true purpose of life To live for the Divine, or to live for the Truth, or at least to live for one’s soul. And the true sincerity To live for the Divine without expecting any benefit from Him in return.
The Words of The Mother, Vol.14